High School Banquet

Here is the letter outlining what you need to bring for the banquet on Dec 8th

French 10/11 Vocab Quiz

Study your 30 l'amitié vocabulary terms for your quiz this Tuesday, Apr.12. 

There are two parts to the quiz. In part 1 you will need to spell out French terms as they are read out loud. In part 2 you will need to translate written French terms into their English meanings.

Fr10/11 -er/-ir Flash Cards

Use your -er and -ir verb vocabulary lists to create 15 flash cards. On the blank side, write the French verb in the infinitive with a drawing of the verb. On the lined back side, write the English translation and your name. 

Due Tues. Feb.9

Basic Food Safety Quiz

True/False quiz on Friday, Sept.25 covering food storage, preparation, thawing, cooking and refreezing.



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